Friday, June 15, 2012

Changes coming to NoodleTools!

Lots of exciting changes are coming to NoodleTools for the upcoming school year. I’m highlighting those that will be the most beneficial to us:

  • NoodleTools will now offer access to the tool at three levels—starter (elementary), junior (middle school), advanced (high school and beyond).
  • Users will be able to switch easily among levels.  If they mistakenly begin in Starter, they will be able to easily switch to Advanced. This feature would have been useful this past school year. While citing media used to create book trailers, a few of our students selected MLA Starter before they discovered they wouldn’t be able to cite some forms of media using this format. They then started a new project using Advanced MLA, and merged the two.
  • Users may seamlessly change source type, content type or publication medium.  This will be great for those times that a student starts citing a resource as a website, not realizing it’s a database, or citing a source as a book, when it should have been cited as a reference source.
  • Users may now copy and paste existing pre-formatted document citations into their bibliographies by using a Quick cite link.
  • A new side-by-side note card feature facilitates paraphrasing from direct quotations.
  • In-context Show me teaching tools help users determine what it is they are citing.
Check out Joyce Valenza’s Big NoodleTools News blog post if you’d like to learn even more about the upcoming changes, or watch this video to get a sneak peek of the new features.

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