Saturday, July 30, 2011

Using Edmodo with Glogster - A Timesaving Tip

If you’ve ever used Glogster, you know it can be frustrating to sort through all of your student accounts when trying to grade projects. Well, here’s an idea that will make this endeavor a little bit easier. If you’re using Edmodo, you probably already have your students separated into classes. Next, you will create an assignment for the Glogster project. When your students are ready to “turn in” their assignments, all they have to do is log into Edmodo, click the “Turn-in” link and copy & paste the URL for their Glog into their message. When you are ready to grade the Glogs, you can filter the assignments to pull up only the Glogster projects that have been turned in. Finally, just click on the links and the Glogs will open right up!

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